Compressed Air Supercharging

Mark Griffin’s 68 Camaro

CAS 69 Camaro


Compressed Air Supercharging: Dramatic Power Gains and Outstanding Durability


The CAS Advantage

Forced induction of racing engines using turbocharging or supercharging has been successfully done for decades. Compare these technologies to Compressed Air Supercharging and it is obvious that the technology employed by CAS yields a power adder that is uniquely tailored to drag racing. Bluntly stated, "Compressed Air Supercharging will out power any other type of technology available, period".

Very low charge temperatures

Decreased sensitivity to air/fuel ratio variations

Very high charge densities

Allows MBT ignition timing

Decreased sensitivity to fuel quality


The CAS System

The CAS System is a uniquely engineered set of components that Store, Meter and Control the Discharge of high pressure compressed air. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to the development and application of systems. Each vehicle is unique in some respect, be it storage capacity requirements, packaging considerations or performance requirements.

To help ensure that CAS systems are optimally configured for each application, each of the three major functions (Storage, Metering and Control) are performed by a subset of components known as Modules. In turn each module can be tailored precisely to your vehicles’ requirements.

Prior to the selection and purchase of a CAS system it is important to thoroughly understand the basics of compressed air supercharging.

The information provided below should help you determine if Compressed Air Supercharging is right for you and your application.

Before you Buy Working With High Pressure System Overview

Air Storage Cylinders

High Pressure Hoses and Fittings

Mechanical Pressure Regulator

Medium Pressure Hose

Safety Shut-off Valve

Electronic Pressure Regulator (EPR)

Ejector Assembly

Diffuser with Integral MAP Sensor (4150 Style Holleys only)

Controller (BCU)

To ensure that CAS compressed air supercharging systems are correctly matched to customer requirements, each CAS system is constructed from three main modules: Air Storage, Air Delivery and Boost Control. Each of these modules is configurable to ensure an optimized result.

Help me Choose: Cas Modules


Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Compressed Air Supercharging System and Components.

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tuning & troubleshooting

Programming, tracking tuning and performance analysis of compressed air Supercharged vehicles.

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