125 SCF/3400 psig Aluminum Cylinders


Aluminum (Type II) compressed air cylinder with proprietary neck and thread configuration. Ordinary compressed air cylinders feature small diameter necks that are configured to work with standard low flow CGA style valves. These standard CGA valves may supply reasonable flow rates when cylinders are full but, as cylinders empty and pressure decreases the flow capability of these valves very quickly diminishes to unacceptable levels; Standard CGA cylinders and valves are unsuitable for compressed air supercharging applications. Don’t even think about trying to use Scuba tanks and Valves.

To maximize scavenge capability (ability to maintain target system flow rates as tanks empty and tank pressure decreases ) cylinders with much larger diameter necks and bigger valve passages than used in standard CGA applications are required. Larger diameter necks and valve passages allow the usage of the high flow two stage Cylinder Valves that CAS has designed and manufactured. The result of these design features being the ability to support full flow of a CAS 1000 system down to tank pressures approaching 200 psig (approximately 6% full) with a single cylinder.


Tare – #45 (Cylinder with Valve Installed) Fully Charged – #55

Maximum Working Pressure

3400 psig


Light Green Powder Coat

Part Number

CYL-125AL (Cylinder with Two Stage Valve installed) CYL-125AL-R (Cylinder only)


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