About Us

Dale Vaznaian is the principle driving force behind Compressed Air Supercharging. Previously Dale was co-founder and COO of Nitrous Oxide Systems, successfully overseeing the operation and growth of the company for its first 20 years. During Dale’s tenure at NOS he was involved in many of the breakthroughs in Nitrous Oxide Injection Technology that are now common place; he was the inventor and patent holder for the first “Fogger Nozzle”.

Upon sale of NOS Dale stepped away from the High Performance aftermarket entirely. After an absence of five years the itch to return to the industry was too strong to ignore.

Since the early 1970’s Dale had been intrigued by the short lived, highly controversial and incredibly powerful Funny Car that Mickey Thompson put together that featured a (by modern standards) crude compressed air supercharging system that was mechanically controlled. The question of what would happen if you married this concept with modern electronic controls kept cropping up in his mind, ultimately leading to his decision to pursue the concept.

Karl Staggemeier was the Chief Engineer at NOS for nearly a decade prior to departing just prior to its sale. During his time at NOS he was the technical lead for many products that are now considered common place among nitrous users. His multiple degrees in Aerospace Engineering coupled with the time he spent at NOS and fifteen years additional experience designing, testing and building high and medium pressure gaseous fuel and pneumatic systems left him well suited to lead the technical side of this project when Dale came calling.

Dale and Karl then put together a group of engineering experts in Thermodynamics, Engine Management and Controls, Data Acquisition and Instrumentation and Engine Testing. The ensuing development project spanned more than ten years, consuming close to 9,000 hours of development time, culminating in the public unveiling of the concept in August of 2014.